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AIUWA Fees 2022/2023 academic session has been published online, it was also made effective from SEPTEMBER 1, 2018. Are You wondering How much American International University West Africa Fees for Gambian/international students cost? Congratulations, New & Old Students can check the school fees structure for their course for 2022 now.Mbarara University



The Management of American International University West Africa (AIUWA) has released the fees structure/schedule for the 2022/2023 Academic Session. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking and your country. AIUWA Fees are paid in US Dollars

American International University West Africa (AIUWA) Tuition Fees

Below is the direct breakdown of the Tuition Fee for various programmes offered by American International University West Africa, endeavour to confirm the specific amount for your particular programme.

Estimated Cost of education at AIU West Africa
(in US Dollars)
Tuition Fees Boarding Food Expense (NON-REFUNDABLE)
Pre Medical, Medical, Dental and Pharmacy


Yearly Fees Paid in advanced

6250 750 1000
Pre Medical, Medical, Dental, Pharmacy


Fees paid by Trimester

(3 Trimesters per year)

2300 400 400
Clinical Science (Gambia – 2 years)    

Annual Fees for CORE Clinical Rotations only   

7500 750 1000
Clinical Science (USA – 2 years)    

Annual Fees for all Elective Clinical Rotation   

Check with Registar Check with Registar N/A
Nursing Program

If Yearly fees paid in advance

4000 750 1000
Nursing Program

If Fees paid by Trimester   (3 Trimesters per year)

1500 400 400
Medical Laboratory Technician Program

Yearly fees only

2500 750 1000
Pharmacy Technician Program

Yearly fees only

2500 750 1000

“The university accommodations for students are available at university-approved location. Only accommodation confirmed before the start of the Trimester shall be allotted. Due to limited availability, accommodation is not guaranteed to all students. Priority is given to new students.

All utilities are not included. All rooms and apartments have fans, en-suite bathrooms, beds and mattresses and 24-hour security.

Different sizes of rooms are allocated as per the availability. Single rooms house 2 students and apartments consisting of 2 rooms house 4 students. Request for single occupancy rooms shall be entertained only with availability.

Student Residence Halls have strict policies which are to be followed up by all residents. Student Counselor can provide the policies to the prospective students upon request.”

Bed sheets, pillows and towels are not provided. Internet fees applicable.

Food costs include Breakfast and Dinner Monday-Saturday only.

Miscellaneous Fee Schedule
(in US Dollars)
Application Fee 75.00
Registration Fee (one time only) 100.00
Seat Deposit Fee (credited towards Tuition fees) 400.00
Student ID card (Regular) 5.00
Students ID card (Replacement) 15.00
Laboratory fees (per trimester where applicable) 50.00
Official Transcript Fee 5.00
Graduation Fee 100.00
Internet Fee per trimester (4 months) 40.00
Transport for all students per trimester 40.00
Charges for sabbatical study per trimester 250.00
Security Deposit for accommodation 200.00
Students’ yearly Visas fee for ECOWAS students 50.00
Students yearly Visas fee for Non-ECOWAS students/other nationality. 100.00
Immigration/Visas Entry Clearance Invitation letter from Immigration Services 100.00
Late fee charge per month 2% of the balance due
External Examination Fee (APPLICABLE TO STUDENTS OF ALL COLLEGES) As informed by University
Certification in External Board Exam 75.00
Re-Registration for Dropped Student 250.00
Library Fees (Per Trimester) 25.00


Students need to register for classes at the beginning of each trimester to get a CRN number for the schedules of courses and classes. All fees AIUWA be paid at the time of registration. For students or sponsors who wire the funds into the University account, a copy of the SWIFT transfer record from their bank will need to be produced.

All tuition & fees are payable in US dollars only. Tuition and fees AIUWA be paid before the start of each semester or each year in a timely manner. Cash Payment can be accepted by students only at the main campus. Only the actual amount of funds received by the university shall be credited.

A late fee of US$ 100.00 will be charged to students after the registration deadline with further delays resulting in additional fines. Students cannot attend classes without payment of all fees.

AIUWA reserves the right of changing its tuition & fee structure per circumstances and needs under the recommendation of its Board of Directors and shall be posted on the University website.


A seat deposit of US$ 500 is non-refundable. A seat deposit of $400 is credited only towards the tuition fee at the time of registration.

Tuition Refund Policy applies to all students irrespective of programme or country. The student shall have to pay a 2% late fee charge per month on the total due amount if the fees are not paid within 4 weeks of any new trimester. Non-payment of fees could result in the suspension of the student from the classes/all university transcripts withheld/re-enrollment charges of $250 or any other charges approved by the board of AIUWA. In case partial payment is made, then an installment charge of $100 per installment plus a late fee charge will be assessed.

Refund Schedule of Tuition Fee for withdrawal from AIUWA

One week before commencement of classes


Before the end of first (1st) week of classes


Before the end of second (2nd) week of classes


Before the end of third (3rd) week of classes


Before the end of fourth (4th) week of classes


After fourth (4th) week of classes


Students seeking tuition refund or semester withdrawal should present genuine reason. In an event student formally withdraws from the university after commencement of classes, a grade of “W” or “WF” will be recorded, depending on the time and circumstances of their withdrawal. all withdrawals AIUWA be made in writing and received by the Administration office.

AIUWA reserves the right to change tuition and adjust fees or to establish additional fees or charges whenever in their opinion such action is deemed necessary.

Refunds for any fees/charges shall be made only at the time a student withdraws from the University. No refund for any excess fees or payment received shall be paid out by the university to a student who remains enrolled in the university. The excess shall be applied to the student account for the following trimester/year fees.

Thanks for going through this post, remember to pay exactly the amount specified in the fee structure. You may also want to check the courses available in this institution.

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