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IOL Student Portal Login – Institute for Open Learning (Pty) Ltd Portal links to login, check exam marks online, download study material and check personal e-mails.


IOL Student portal

IOL Student login problems include among others forgotten passwords, the Management can solve problems associated with using the portal. application status, MYIOL Portal login, forgotten password reset, loans, bursary, track application and progress…

The IOL (Institute for Open Learning (Pty) Ltd) launches the official IOL.NA portal for students to perform certain online tasks on the site. These online tasks include checking of exam marks, downloading of study materials and checking of personal e-mails, etc.

IOL Portal Login

The Management encourages students to ensure that they include their real names and student number or ID number when requesting for help from IOL with regards to the portal.

Please to download your student card you must login to the portal, students who forgot their passwords can recover their account. With their username, they can find search the database to find their account.

Non-students will have to register to use portal services. Only eligible Applicants will be accepted, ensure to check Check Eligibility to find out if you qualify for a course before registering. Please follow these steps:

On visiting, click “Apply for Course Registration”.

A form will load up, enter your student information and send. Please ensure to take note of these information.

Should you run into a technical problem? you can send an email to, Include screenshots where necessary, include your real names also and student number or ID number.
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