NMU Student Portal – Login: www.mandela.ac.za/Student-portal

As a new student of Nelson Mandela University, the term Student portal may be unfamiliar though rarely, but the Student portal helps many students easily manage their information. Visiting the School everything looks pretty much stressful than visiting the school portal.


I believe the Management of Nelson Mandela University (NMU) saw this problem when they decided to launch the Student Portal on their website www.mandela.ac.za.

The Student portal is not readily accessible by just anyone since it holds so much personal information, only the owners of the online account and the Management can access his/her information.

You can  access the SharePoint sites, eduroam WiFi, submit documents, etc on NMU Student Portal.

How to Log in to NMU Student Portal

You need valid login credentials to access the student portal without which you will not view the student directory.

Here is how to access the student portal off-campus

  • Go to: https://students.mandela.ac.za
  • Username: mandela\s123456789
  • Password: network password that you set yourself or that was given to you. Your password will expire after 60 Days. Please change it when it expires.

How to access the SharePoint sites off-campus

  • Log into the student portal as above and select your module from the My Modules tab.

How to access eduroam WiFi

  • Username: s123456789@mandela.ac.za
  • Password: network password that you set yourself or that was given to you.
  • If you have problems, try this… or contact NMU.


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