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List of Courses offered at Nalikule Teachers Training School

NTTS Courses: Nalikule Teachers Training School (NTTS) Courses… The NTTS Courses are available online. Applicants can apply to available courses/programmes offered at Nalikule Teachers Training School approved by management. This page will show you all the information you need.

Nalikule Teachers Training School (NTTS) Courses is online now. Applicants can apply online through this page.

The Nalikule Teachers Training School advises applicants before applying for any courses of the institution to read all the information concerning the course of study such as duration, requirements, fees, etc.


Here is the list of Courses at NTTS:

Primary duties may include:

  • Conducting teacher preparation courses focused on communicative TESOL methods and effective classroom practices
  • Offering English language instruction to improve trainee EFL teachers’ proficiency levels
  • Providing train-the-trainer workshops
  • Providing instruction on test-taking strategies and supporting teaching practicum preparations

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