NWU Geography Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the North-West University (NWU) Geography.

What is Geography?

Different characteristics of the natural environment (e.g. climate, minerals, topography, oceans) lead to humans establishing different activities on the Earth’s surface (e.g. a mine, a farm, a city or a resort). Different activities influence the natural and socio-economic environment in different ways (e.g. pollution or socio-economic and ethical-moral problems). Geography and Environmental Management studies the total human-nature system with the purpose to understand and manage land use patterns and the influences thereof on the environment.

Geography consists of the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Physical Geography
  • Introductory to Human Geography
  • Physical Geography
  • Human Geography
  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Applied Geography

Calendars (Yearbooks)

Geo-Maths Programme

However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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