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2023 OUT Online Application Guidelines

OUT Online Application Guidelines for 2023/2024 academic session have been publicized. Open University of Tanzania conducts its admission application online through the OUT Online Application portal for 2023.


University of Dodoma

The Management is pleased to announce the procedures involved in sending applications for 2023 admission to Open University of Tanzania. The Application is done online at

Open University of Tanzania Online Application Steps Involved

Open University of Tanzania (OUT) uses online application system (OAS) to receive and processes applications for admission in to various OUT programmes.

Here are the steps involved in the application:


1.      For Direct applicants in to degree and Foundation programmes (form IV and form VI holders) make sure you have both Alevel and O- level index numbers which should be written in the following format (S0000/0000/0000) eg. S1122/0333/2017. If

the certificate is having three digits you must add zero (0) to make 4 digits. Eg. S1122/334/2017 a zero 0 must be added S1122/0334/2017. Do not upload any certificate.


2.      For Equivalent applicants in to degree and Foundation programmes  (Diploma holders) must have Award verification number (AVN) From NACTE. The AVN number can be obtained online from NACTE website through the following link award verification number (AVN).Please note that you may be required to pay certain amount of money. An Example of AVN is (19NA12212ME).  Do not upload any certificate.


3.      For applicants in to Diploma programmes and certificates (form IV and form VI holders) make sure you have both A-level and O- level index numbers which should be written  the following format (S0000/0000/0000) eg. S1122/0333/2017. If the certificate is having three digits you must add zero (0) to make 4 digits. Eg. S1122/334/2017 a zero 0 must be added S1122/0334/2017. In addition, each certificate must be scanned in PDF format separately and must be uploaded in the OAS.



4.      For applicants with foreign certificates must obtain translation of their certificates from NACTE for Diploma holders, NECTA for O level and A Level certificates and TCU for degree holders.  Upon completion of online application certified Copies of original and translated certificates must be scanned and sent to and copy to and .

5.      All applicants must apply online by using names as appears in their form four(Olevel) certificates.


Online application is TOTALLY FREE of charge.

Start your application

Application link can be found on OUT website or CLICK TO APPLY ONLINE.

Online application button can be found on the top-right side on the website page see the image below

ON Clicking the online application button the application form will be seen

Steps in Filling the application form

1.       Select nearest Centre, that will be your regional Centre

2.       Select entry category it’s important

3.       Choose Application type

4.       Choose when/where you completed your olevel

5.       Click next to proceed(if you have completed olevel in Tanzania-after 1987  your names will appear automatically )


The system will supply username and password on the screen and an email that contain those details will be forwarded to you


After having supplied username (olevel index no) and password then use click here link to proceed with your application



1.       Remember to click save after filling the form

2.       Do not add extra names , your names should be the same as those appear on olevel certificate

3.       Form six  and AVN number field must be filled if required for your application

4.       Note: If you have AVN NUMBER  entry category must be equivalent


6. Click save/update and then next to proceed=

7. Select programme of studies

8. Enter schools

O-level will appear automatic if you have another sitting enter index number in full in provided field eg.S0156/0086/2003

Completion Year:eg 2004 and completed o-level in

After successful filling your school will appear

Click save if all details are correct don’t worry about DIVISION AND POINTS




1.       If you have AVN number do not submit A-level results since in your case they are not useful, AVN NUMBER is enough

2.       If you correctly filled all fields your diploma details  will be displayed automatically





1. Click grades attained to see your o-level and a-level grade 2. Click confirm if they are ok



Preview your details and click submit if they are OKEY


Seeing the page in the image below on the application portal indicates that you have successfully completed the application.

OUT online Application success page

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