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TATU Fees Structure 2024/2025 Academic Session

TATU Fees 2024/2025 available online. New & Old Students are to check the school fees schedule for their course. Are You wandering How much Tamale Technical University Fees for freshers/returning students cost? Congratulations, You’ve come to the right place.

Tamale Technical University fees


The Management of Tamale Technical University (TATU) amount of fees structure for the 2024/2025 Academic Session.. Fees vary based on the programme You are Undertaking. There are different school fees for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Please confirm that your name is on the admission list before payments: ->> Tamale Technical University Admission List

Tamale Technical University (TATU) FEES 2024/2025

Below is the direct breakdown of the School Fees Schedule of the various programmes offered by the University.

It is expected that every concerned student should endeavor to check the schedule of fees, so as to be sure of the exact amount.

Programme 1st year 2nd year 3rd year
Bachelor of Technology in Accounting with computing GH¢2,583.00 GH¢1,927.00
Bachelor of Technology in Agric. Engineering full time GH¢2,430.90 GH¢2,486.68
Bachelor of Technology in Agric. Engineering (part time) GH¢3,393.28 GH¢3,449.06
Bachelor of Technology in Hospitality and Tourism management GH¢2,761.73 GH¢2,825.32
HND Accountancy, Marketing and Sec and management Studies GH¢1,600.87 GH¢1,220.32 GH¢1,417.98
HND Building Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Welding/Fabrication and Electrical Engineering GH¢1,794.00 GH¢1,413.00 GH¢1,611.00
HND Industrial Art and Fashion Design and Textiles Studies GH¢1,761.00 GH¢1,381.00 GH¢1,579.00
HND Tropical Agriculture GH¢2042.66 GH¢1,607.76 GH¢1,833.65
HND Statistics GH¢1,600.87 GH¢1,220.32 GH¢1,417.98
HND Media and Communication Studies GH¢1,789.72 GH¢1,409.18 GH¢1,606.84
HND Tourism GH¢1,834.00 GH¢1,454.00 GH¢1,651.00
Hotel Catering and Institutional Management (HCIM) GH¢1,706.00 GH¢1,325.00 GH¢1,525.00
HND Information and Communication Technology GH¢1,729.35 GH¢1,348.81 GH¢1,546.46
HND Agricultural Engineering GH¢1,794.00 GH¢1,413.00 GH¢1,611.00
Part-time HND Accountancy, Marketing and Secretariaship and Management Studies GH¢2,116.47 GH¢1,735.92 GH¢1,933.58
Part-time Information and Communication Technology and HCIM Weekend GH¢2,244.89 GH¢1,874.66 GH¢2,102.08
DBS Accounting, Marketing, Management, Statistics, Purchasing/supply, Event Management and Entrepreneurship/Finance and Banking, Statistics and Purchasing Supply GH¢800.00 GH¢750.00 GH¢7500.00
DBS Secretarial/ICT Option GH¢850.00 GH¢800.00
Full Time Craft (Intermediate) GH¢750.00 GH¢750.00 GH¢750.00
Advanced Craft Programmes GH¢862.38 GH¢731.28
9 Months Access Course GH¢1,038.70
Fees for Diploma in Computerised Accounting programmes GH¢1,543.80 GH¢1,401.14
Fees for Diploma in Business Administration Programmes GH¢1398.30 GH¢1,255.64
Professional Diploma Programmes Fees GH¢1,440.00 GH¢1363.44

GETFUND Hostel Fee: 4 in one room GH¢494.00 and 6 in one GH¢452.00

In the meantime the school fees may have been updated, please if you notice any compromise, please do well to leave us a comment below and we will respond to it. You can also check back again just for updates on this page. You can use the official website for references –

In some cases, TATU Fee Structure may vary based on different years/levels in the institution. The fees for freshers seem to be higher than the fees for returning students. Additionally the programme of study determines the payment of fees


Most Institutions’ payment of School fees work on the Student Portal, this may not be the case in this particular institution. However, check the link to the student portal of the University below to know if your institution permits school fees payment online.

Click Here ->> Tamale Technical University Student Portal


You would not like to contact the university over information You saw on another site. For this singular reason, We see the need to provide more reliable contact information through Which Africadmission Customers can get solutions to their problems. Please, Contact us below:-

Phone: +16504895612

Email: info[at]

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