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Tamale Technical University Portal for Students

Tamale Technical University Portal are available for Students. We are glad to announce to you the official TATU student portal.

Tamale Technical University (TATU) launches their official student portal. On the portal you can easily manage your student information, check your records, statuses and download important documents.
Tamale Technical University

The Student portal is very needful because it can be accessed from anywhere you have a device capable of browsing the internet. Sometimes the University allows students to directly access their results, and important information are usually sent over to the portal

Tamale Technical University Student Portal

TATU portal will require a student ID and password fro you to let you in. You should also know that the student portal is not the new students’ admission portal.

Students applying for admission will use the application portal.

The next headings will be an insight to using each of the portals mentioned above.

How to log in to TATU Students Portal

Tamale Technical University (TATU) Student portal as a platform that hosts confidential information of students will surely not allow this information to be readily available to everyone. To access the contents of your student account on the portal you need to go through a kind of verification process to ensure that you are eligible to log in.

Who can use the Student portal?

Students of the University.

How to use the student portal?


Go to the portal –

Enter your Student ID

Enter your password

Hit the log in button and there you go.

What happens if I have forgotten my password?

Without providing a password at the log in page, you can have access into the portal, however to recover that student account you will have to contact the administration as there is no direct link available online yet that can change/reset your password for you.

Using Students’ application portal

This portal as you may have already guessed from the name is meant to receive applications but more specifically applications for admission from prospective new students.

To use Tamale Technical University students’ application portal, you need an Electronic Voucher (E-Voucher) card. This E-voucher card is purchased from specific banks, it contains the information you will need to access the application portal.

Our guide on how to apply for admission at TATU will be most relevant to someone seeking to use the application portal.

Tamale Technical University Official Website

The official website hosts all news and updates from the University. It is domain where both all student portals and information about the University available online is hosted.

Visit the url to view the official website and please note that the home page does not require that you log in.


Still have issues with logging in? please let us know in the comments section.

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