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TSC Online Payslip – Paying with T-Pay

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Online Payslip service is on the internet. To use the payslip service, you need to register, the registration of new accounts is online.

TSC Online Payslip

The Authorities of Teachers Service Commission (TSC) launches the T-Pay online portal for handling pay-slip services. The functions of the TSC is to register trained teachers, recruit and employ registered teachers among others. You can check full functions and mandate here.

TSC Online Payslip – Pay with T-Pay

Teachers Service Commission Online Payslip services are available on T-PAY. The portal will require your TSC/ID number and password to let you in.

For forgotten passwords, your ID number will be used to reset it, follow these instructions to rest your password.

  1. Access the payslip portal above
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Forgot Your Password’
  3. Enter your TSC ID number and click on ‘Reset Password’

Forgotten your ID number too? you may need to contact TSC for further instructions on how to recover your ID number.

Still need help with Online Payslip services? please tell us in the comments what you need help with, you can also share this page with others.

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