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UCT Advanced Diploma in Actuarial Science Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of Cape Town (UCT) Advanced Diploma in Actuarial Science.

This programme is aimed at graduates who have completed the UK’s CTseries, or equivalently, the A100 and A200-series of the AS and now intend to study the material for the A300, F100 and F200-series of AS examinations (i.e. CA, ST and SA-series examinations of the UK). Courses are offered in conjunction with the University of Stellenbosch.

To complete this diploma students will be required to complete courses worth at least 126 credits, of which 72 credits must come from the following coursework studied at the University:

Code Course and name NQF Credits NQF Level
BUS5042F Health & Care 36 9
BUS5018F Life Insurance 36 9
BUS5040S General Insurance 36 9
BUS5019S Pensions 36 9
BUS5035S Specialist Finance & Investment 36 9
BUS4027W Actuarial Risk Management 54 8
BUS4034S Professional Communication 27 8

Important to note in terms of assessment: Students must pass every course taken, in fulfillment of the above requirement, with at least 50% to qualify. Exams may count 50% to 100% of the final mark for any course, depending on whether tests, tutorials and assignments are taken into account. No supplementary examinations are awarded.

Your next move

UCT offers many programmes. If you do not meet up to the requirements of this programme you can consider another programme on the list. Go to >> University of Cape Town Faculties/Programmes.

However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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