UCT Bachelor of Science in Audiology Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of Cape Town (UCT) Bachelor of Science in Audiology.


The Division offers two undergraduate BSc degree programmes: BSc (Audiology) and BSc (Speech-Language Pathology). Both involve 4 years of full time study.

The Division prides itself on its innovative SLP and Audiology Curricula which are constantly monitored, evaluated and updated to ensure that we are responding to the needs of the country, the profession, employers and students. We strive to produce graduates who are academically strong, clinically competent, professional and able to bring about change in whatever setting they work.

Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology are two separate but related professions and are studied as two separate degree programmes. In the first semester the courses are the same for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology students. Thereafter there are some common courses (e.g. psychology, anatomy, languages) but the programmes are largely separate from each other. Students obtain a thorough grounding in the medical, scientific, social and psychological aspects of speech, language and hearing.

On the successful completion of the four year programme, students register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as either a Speech Therapist or Audiologist. New graduates must complete a year of community service prior to registration as an independent practitioner.

First Year:

Common courses for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology students:

Semester 1:
PPH1001F Becoming a Professional
PSY1001W Psychology I
AHS1003F Speech and Hearing Sciences
ELL1032F Introduction to Language Studies
AHS1042F Human Communication Development

Semester 2:
PSY1001W Psychology I
PPH1002S Becoming a Health Professional
HUB1014S Anatomy for Communication Sciences
AHS1025S Early Intervention

Course for Audiology students:
AHS1045S Basis of Hearing and Balance

Course for Speech-Language Pathology students:
ELL1033S Introduction to Applied Language Studies

Second year:

Common courses for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology students:
PSY2006F Research in Psychology 1
PSY2010S Cognition and Neuroscience
AHS2045F Becoming a Communication Therapist
AHS2047S Paediatric Rehabilitative Audiology
AHS2106F Child Language
*SLL1028H Xhosa for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: or
*SLL1048H Afrikaans for Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Note: Students who speak an African language as a home language will be required to register for Afrikaans; Students who speak English or Afrikaans as a home language will register for Xhosa.

Courses for Speech-Language Pathology students:
AHS2107F Child Speech
AHS2108W Clinical Speech Therapy I
AHS2109S Language Learning and Literacy

Courses for Audiology students:
AHS2046F Diagnostic Audiology
AHS2110W Clinical Audiology I
AHS2111S Diagnostic Audiology in Special Populations

Third year:

Common courses for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology students:
PSY3007S Research in Psychology II
PSY3008F Health Psychology
AHS3101W Sign Language

Courses for Speech-Language Pathology students:
AHS3004H Clinical Speech Therapy II
AHS3071F Acquired Neurogenic Language Disorders
AHS3072S Paediatric Dysphagia and Motor Speech
AHS3073F Adult Dysphagia and Motor Speech
AHS3102F Fluency
AHS3103S Voice

Courses for Audiology students:
AHS3008H Clinical Audiology II
AHS3062F Rehabilitation Technology
AHS3065S Adult Rehabilitative Audiology
AHS3075F OAEs and Electrophysiology
AHS3104S Vestibular Management
AHS3105F Public Health Audiology

Fourth year:

Common courses for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology students:
AHS4000W Research Report
AHS4067F Seminars in Communication Sciences

Courses for Speech-Language Pathology students:
AHS4005H Clinical Speech Therapy IIIA
AHS4006H Clinical Speech Therapy IIIB
AHS4068S Seminars in Speech Pathology

Courses for Audiology students:
AHS4008H Clinical Audiology IIIA
AHS4009H Clinical Audiology IIIB
AHS4069S Seminars in Audiology

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UCT offers many programmes. If you do not meet up to the requirements of this programme you can consider another programme on the list. Go to >> University of Cape Town Faculties/Programmes.

However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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