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UCT Financial Accounting: Accounting with Law Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of Cape Town (UCT) Financial Accounting: Accounting with Law.

Should I specialise in accounting? An accounting specialisation is useful for anyone who wishes to prepare for a career in business or in the accounting profession. An accounting qualification will prepare you to work in any size or type of organisation and in any employment section in any country.

What are the options if I want to get an undergraduate degree in accounting? The College of Accounting offers the 3-year financial accounting undergraduate programme with the following options, referred to as streams:

Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Financial Accounting: General Accounting [CB001ACC08]

The General Accounting option is designed for the student who does not wish to qualify as a Chartered Accountant (CA). Graduates become general managers, tax advisors, internal auditors or business advisors.

Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Financial Accounting: Chartered Accountant [CB001ACC04]

The CA option is designed for students who intend to qualify as Chartered Accountants, registered with SAICA. Graduates become members of management teams, financial advisors, or partners in auditing practices.

Bachelor of Commerce specialising in Financial Accounting: Accounting with Law [CB001ACC03]

The Accounting and Law option is designed for students who are interested in a law career with a commercial background and may wish to continue with an LLB degree.

In addition to these streams offered by the College of Accounting, the Department of Finance and Tax offers a Bachelor of Business Science specialising in Finance with Accounting, that is also a possible route for aspiring Chartered Accountants.

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The first-year courses for all three streams are identical so students do not have to decide between the streams until they have experienced accounting at a tertiary level.

Please note that any professional qualification requires a period of practical training in addition to the academic qualification.

Your next move

UCT offers many programmes. If you do not meet up to the requirements of this programme you can consider another programme on the list. Go to >> University of Cape Town Faculties/Programmes.

However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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