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UCT Science Statistics Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of Cape Town (UCT) Science Statistics.

Mathematical Statistics Stream

Please see the Science Faculty Handbook for more information on course requirements

STA1006S – Statistics for Mathematical Disciplines

The aim of STA1006S is to provide students who intend to major in Mathematical Statistics with a solid foundation in the mathematical aspects of statistics required in the training of a professional statistician. The material for STA1006S places more emphasis on the theoretical and mathematical aspects of Statistics than STA1000S. As a result, the course will be taught at a much faster pace than STA1000S. The breadth and depth of the STA1006S syllabus means that the course demands from the students a hard working attitude and an effective study strategy.

STA2004F – Statistical Theory and Inference
STA2005S – Linear Models
STA3041F – Markov Processes and Time Series
STA3043S – Decision Theory and Generalized Linear Models
STA3045F – Advanced Stochastic Processes


Applied Statistics Stream

Please see the Commerce Faculty Handbook for more information on course requirements

STA1000F/S – Statistics 1000
STA1001F – Statistics 1001
STA1007S – Bionumeracy
STA1100S – Statistics 1000 (Commerce Education Development Unit)
STA1101F/H – Statistics 1001 (Commerce Education Development Unit)
STA2007F – Applied Statistical Modelling
STA2020F – Business Statistics
STA2030S – Theory of Statistics
STA3022F – Research and Survey Statistics
STA3030F – Inferential Statistics
STA3036S – Operational Research Techniques

Your next move

UCT offers many programmes. If you do not meet up to the requirements of this programme you can consider another programme on the list. Go to >> University of Cape Town Faculties/Programmes.

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However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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