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UFH B Com – Information Systems  (East London campus only) Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of Fort Hare (UFH) B Com – Information Systems  (East London campus only).


The degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems) is designed for students who wish to specialise in Information Systems (IS).  Information systems specialists focus on integrating information technology solutions and business processes to meet the information needs of businesses, the community and government.  The goal is to enable them to achieve their objectives in an effective and efficient manner.  This discipline’s perspective of “Information Technology” emphasises information and sees technology as an instrument to enable the generation, processing and distribution of needed information.

This degree is offered at the East London campus on a full-time basis only at undergraduate level.

Students who have been previously registered for IS modules under the B.Com (IS) curriculum prior to 2017 or any IS module under another degree must ensure that they register for the correct modules each year.  Students should seek the assistance of the Department of Information Systems’ HOD/Undergraduate Coordinator if they are unsure of the modules applicable to their course.

For a description of the various modules that are offered, download the undergraduate brochure here.

However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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