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UFS Computer Science and Informatics Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of the Free State (UFS) Computer Science and Informatics program.

Undergraduate programmes


BSc (IT) majoring in Data Science


Data Science combines the disciplines of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematical Statistics to implement scientific computerised methods and  processes, machine-learning algorithms, and data models to extract knowledge and insight from large structured and unstructured datasets that can be used to explain past events or forecast future events.

Career Possibilities


• Business Intelligence Developer
• Data Scientist
• Data Analyst
• Data Engineer
• Machine Learning Scientist
• Machine Learning Engineer
• Natural Language Processing Engineer

Admission Requirements


• Admission Point 32+
• Mathematics 70%
• Physical Science 60%

BCIS (Baccalaureus in Computer Information Systems)

This exciting new degree opens doors for IT fanatics who also want to be a manager or even start their own IT company. You will develop these skills through modules in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. You will also acquire the necessary skills to apply Information Technology solutions in the corporate world, with modules in Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Software Design, Systems Infrastructure and Integration, as well as Information Systems in Organisations.

Career Possibilities

• Systems Analyst
• IT Manager
• Business Analyst
• IT Entrepreneur

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Admission Requirements

• Admission Point 30+
• Mathematics 50%

BSc (IT)

This degree allows you to combine Computer Science and Informatics with Chemistry / Physics / Mathematics or with Business and Management subjects such as Business Management, Human Resource Management, Training Management and Economics.

Career Possibilities

• Programmer / Software Developer
• Web Designer / Web Developer
• Database Administrator / Database Developer
• Systems Administrator / Network Administrator
• Software Engineer

Admission Requirements

• Admission Point 32+
• BSc (IT) with Mathematics: Mathematics 70% and Physical  Science 60%
• BSc (IT) with Physics: Mathematics 60% and Physical  Science 60%
• BSc (IT) with Chemistry: Mathematics 60% and Physical  Science 60%
• BSc (IT) with Business and Management subjects: Mathematics  50% and Physical Science 50%

For more information, please consult the:
CSI Undergraduate Programmes 2023
Faculty Undergraduate Booklet 2022
Faculty Rulebook 2022 (All campusses)
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Postgraduate programmes


After successfully completing your undergraduate IT learning programmes, you can move on to the postgraduate programmes. Our honours programmes will provide you with exposure to more specialised IT topics such as Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction and Advanced Programming. On master’s level, you can either choose the research programme or the structured learning programme (with specialisation in Human Computer Interaction, Computer Science Education, Data Warehousing or Eye Tracking). After successful completion of a master’s programme, you may enrol for a PhD.

For more information consult the following two documents:
Application Process and Information
2022 Faculty Postgraduate Brochure
2022 UFS Postgraduate Prospectus
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However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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