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UFS Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of the Free State (UFS) Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.

The UFS Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics offers a range of modules for students planning to major in pure and/or applied mathematics. Service modules are also presented to Biology, Agriculture, Education, and Quantity Surveying and Construction Management students as mathematical proficiency is increasingly required from anyone working in the fields of science and technology. Mathematics training develops a logical and disciplined way of thinking – a true asset for any career or field of study.

Postgraduate programs are also offered linking to active research in the department on Graph Theory, Algebra, Computational Finance, Numerical Methods for Linear and Nonlinear PDE’s, Spectral Methods, Dynamical Systems, Differential Geometry, Constructing Tests of General Relativity, Signal Processing and more.

Undergraduate Studies

BSc majoring in Mathematics

This degree combines Mathematics as a first major with one of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematical Statistics, Finance or Applied Mathematics as a second major.

Admission Requirements:
  • Admission Point: 32
  • Tuition language: 50%
  • Mathematics: 70%
  • BSc Mathematics and Chemistry: Physical Science 50%
  • BSc Mathematics and Physics: Physical Science 50%
  • BSc Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics: Physical Science 50%
  • BSc Mathematics and Applied Mathematics: Physical Science 50%

For more information, consult the Faculty Undergraduate Booklet 2022 and  Faculty Rulebook 2022 (All campusses).

Apply Online: Online Application

Postgraduate Studies

On postgraduate level, the honours and master’s degrees are both structured with specialized modules presented in both. Modules that are regularly presented are Algebra, Topology, Graph Theory, Digital Image Processing, Financial Mathematics, Functional Analysis, Ring Theory, Coding Theory and Fluid Dynamics. The department also offers PhD degrees in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.
Contact the department to determine if you would qualify to enroll for one of the postgraduate programs.

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For more information, consult the 2022 Faculty Postgraduate Brochure2022 UFS Postgraduate Prospectus and Faculty Rulebook 2022 (All campusses).

Apply Online: Online Application

Head of Department and Programme Director (Academic Enquiries)
Dr Christiaan Venter
T: +27 51 401 2320

General Enquiries
Marinda Venter
+27 51 401 2691

However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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