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UFS Oracle peoplesoft, the Student Online Portal

University of a free state is a public university that has been based on multi campuses. It has located in Bloemfontein. This location is known as the judicial capital of Africa or also the capital of the Free State. USF is known as one of the most respected and oldest institutes in South Africa. This university start its journey as a grey university college in 1904 but now it is providing education to more than 40,000 students on multiple campuses. It has two institutes, one is in Bloemfontein and the other one is in Qwaqwa.

Within the past two years, this university is delivering recommended candidates to the world. The main focus of this university is to create such students that are highly required in the job market. This university has collaborated with multiple companies to directly offer jobs to students in an easy way. This university is providing scholarships in different fields so the students can then be engaged in scholarly and professional expertise in different fields internationally.

This university is providing the study in Economic and Management Sciences, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Open District learning, Theology and Religion, and at last Business School. As you know, this is an international research university. So they are also providing the facilities of sports, libraries, laboratories, sports, and arts.

UFS is known for giving multiple services to students with the help of people soft. It gives students a new user interface that 30% increases the annual submission of applications. This software gives students an easy way to provide their information to the system. This University is enriched with the values of social justice, respect of teachers and elders, and a high caring with your own institute.

What is PeopleSoft?

UFS Peoplesoft oracle screenshot

People-Soft is a company that is providing multiple software. It was a free institute up to 2005, but then it has been gone into the hand of Oracle Corporation. Oracle Corporation is an American software company that is providing multiple software, technologies, cloud-engineered systems, and some other enterprise products. In 2020, oracle was the 2nd largest software company in the world.  This oracle software gives access to their students for different services which include UFS self-service, library, exam results, timetables, Ufs4life emails, and protection services.

Oracle people soft is an online platform for UFS students that give them the ability to enable and perform different activities during their school time. Multiple systems are handled by UFS Oracle people soft nowadays. Some of them are

People soft enterprise

Administer compensation

PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll interface

What kind of services does UFS oracle provide?

Oracle people soft are being used for different services in UFS. It is used to keep your academic record, save your financial record, and create a timetable for you. Besides this, it is also very useful in other multiple functions which include confirmation and proof of your registration for university. In addition, it is also used to settle your residence and housing affairs, pay your internet bills, and manage the history of billing.

The main corporation in the usage of this software is of human resource departments. Some of their software includes a human resource management system (HRMS), customer relationship management (CRM), financials and supply chain management (FSCM), and enterprise performance management (EPM).

Customer review and the response of user experience in UFS:

In the upgrade campus solution, the company shifts the student self-service component from PIA to Fluid UI. This highly increases the interaction of students with people soft. It is like a master date source for student-related activities. PeopleSoft service is used to configure and setup all student data and then exposed it to the application system. This is highly reducing the work stuff of administrators and helping them to handle the work in a single system instead of multiple. Only administration has allowed changing data points or facilities that are needed to change. This is used to immediately identify the document and change requirements without having to rebuild anything.

The application submission system is quite significant. Once the application has been submitted along with all checklist items, then it will be looked at by the administration to see what is required. So for this, once the document has been uploaded via AAWS, then the administration will verify and the documents will move to DMS (Document Management System). This high helps to takeout invalid documents that are stored in ImageNow.

This increase the successful submission of application by 30.5% annually. People soft highly increase the facilities to start the selection process earlier. Because supporting evidence is no longer required from the application.

This gives the result for

Administration services

1: number of applications submitted

2: detail of applicants which includes their document, and admission acceptance

For students, they are providing the services

1: The enrollment numbers of current students per year

2: Their registration proof and history

3: Their class time and time timetable

4: Students grade in a class by optimizing their assignments and marks

5: Academic record and schedule of exams

How to get access to people soft?

Load UFS login portal –

Enter your UFS name or student number

Then click on the login button

In this way, your account for UFS oracle people soft will be created

  • PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS
  • Human Resources Administer Workforce
  • Human Resources Monitor Absence
  • Administer Compensation
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll Interface
  • Self Service

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