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UKZN Dip Jazz & Popular Music Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) Dip Jazz & Popular Music .

HUM-DJP1 Admission

Candidates shall be eligible to apply for the qualification of Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music or Diploma in Music Performance if they hold a National Senior Certificate (for diploma study), equivalent qualification or alternative access certificate approved by Senate. In addition they must;

  1. successfully complete an audition demonstrating proficiency deemed adequate to pursue the anticipated first level course of study in singing, playing an instrument or African Music and Dance;
  2. demonstrate their ability to read music and their knowledge of the basic rudiments of music; and
  3. complete a diagnostic English proficiency

HUM-DJP2 Progression

The curriculum for the Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music and for the Diploma in Music Performance shall extend over a minimum of six consecutive semesters of full-time study.

Students shall not be permitted to progress to the third year of study unless they have obtained credit for all the modules prescribed for the first year of study and at least a further 80 credits for modules prescribed in the second year of study (208 creditsaltogether).

HUM-DJP3 Transfer to a Degree Programme

A candidate holding an NSC (or has a Senate Exemption) who wishes to transfer from the Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music or the Diploma in Music Performance to the BMus, the BA in Music or the BA in Music and Drama Performance degree programmes must:

  1. have passed all the Diploma modules prescribed for the first semester; and
  2. have passed the module ACLE102 Academic Learning in English; and
  3. receive the Dean and Head of School’s approval for the

NB: All Music modules are subject to change. Consult the Music Cluster for the latest module offerings.

Structure: Diploma in Jazz and Popular Music

First Practical Study 1A(16C) MUSC1PA
and First Practical Study 1B (16C) MUSC1PB
Workshop in Jazz & Popular Music 1A(8C) MUSC1W1
Workshop in Jazz & Popular Music 1B (8C) MUSC1W2
Music Ensemble 1A (8C) MUSC1E1
and Music Ensemble 1B (8C) MUSC1E2
Jazz & Popular Music Theory 1A (8C) MUSC1T1
and Jazz & Popular Music Theory 1B (8C) MUSC1T2
Aural Perception 1A (8C) MUSC1A1
and Aural Perception 1B (8C) MUSC1A2
Jazz & Popular Music History 1A (8C) MUSC1T1
and Jazz & Popular Music History 1B (8C) MUSC1T2
ACLE (or other English language module) (16C) ACLE102
Total credits: 128


First Practical Study 2A (16C) MUSC2PA
First Practical Study and 2B (16C) MUSC2PB
Workshop in Jazz & Popular Music 2A (8C) MUSC2W1
and Workshop in Jazz & Popular Music 2B (8C) MUSC2W2
Music Ensemble 2A (8C) MUSC2EA
Music Ensemble 2B (8C) MUSC2EB
Jazz & Popular Music Theory (8C) MUSC2T1
and Jazz & Popular Music Theory 2B (8C) MUSC2T2
Aural Perception 2A  (8C) MUSC2A1
and Aural Perception 2B (8C) MUSC2A2
*Composition & Arranging in J&PM 1A (8C) MUSC2C1
and *Composition & Arranging in J&PM 1B (8C) MUSC2C2
Jazz & Popular Music History 2A (8C) MUSC2H1
and Jazz & Popular Music History 2B (8C) MUSC2H2
Total credits: 128


LEVEL 3 (Diploma exit level)
First Practical Study 3A (16C) MUSC3PA
First Practical Study 3B (16C) MUSC3PB
Music Ensemble 3A (8C) MUSC3EA
Music Ensemble 3B (8C) MUSC3EB
Jazz & Popular Music Theory 3A (8C) MUSC3T1
Jazz & Popular Music Theory 3B (8C) MUSC3T2
Each student chooses to specialise in TWO of the following disciplines: 
  • Performance
  • Composition & Arranging
  • Electro-Acoustic Music
by selecting TWO options to the value of 32 credits each from the following list: 
  • Performance in Jazz & Popular Music 1A and 1B (examination recital) (16C) MUSC3P1 &MUSC3P2
  •  Composition & Arranging in J&PM 2A and 2B (16C):
  • Electro-Acoustic Music 1A and 1B (16C) : MUSC3LA & MUSC3LB
Total credits: 128

NotesOver the 3 years of the Diploma, the content of the modules entitled ‘Composition & Arranging in Jazz and Popular Music’ may include such topics as song writing, big-band arranging, jingle writing, and film music.

However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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