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UNAM Student Portal & Moodle Portal Login 2023

University of Namibia, UNAM Student portal has been activated and is ready for use by students of the University. University of Namibia portal enables the student to perform the following tasks.

  • Check Examination dates
  • Check Examination sign-up
  • Select courses
  • Semester registration
  • Show selected courses
  • Check Courses this semester
  • Create a certificate of registration
  • Schedule search (TimeEdit)

Additionally, there is the University of Namibia (UNAM) Moodle portal where Students can login to participate in learning. As part of enhancing learning, online Classes will be attended via zoom and learning materials are available on Moodle.

Namibia Business School eLearning is one of the services moodle offers for students.

UNAM Student Portal and Moodle Login

The Student Portal provides all the information both students, teachers and administrators require for good academic excellence. The information on the Student Portal is for active students at Chalmers both campuses.

Resource URI
Student Portal:
Moodle Login:
Official Website:

Below is a screenshot of the official portal for both students and staff and the moodle for learning respectively:


University of Namibia Portal for Students









UNAM Moodle for Elearning

Can’t log in? If this is because you forgot your password, simply click on “forgot pwd?” or “Lost password?” for the moodle. You can also reach out to the University through the official website link in the table should you have any issues, more easily leave a comment in the comments section or contact us directly.

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