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UNEB Timetable 2023 | How to Check

UNEB Timetable for 2023 has the following details.

Before checking the exam timetable, check your registration status first to confirm that you are eligible for examinations.

How To Check UNEB (PLE, UCE & UACE) Examination Registration Status 2023-2024

Final information such as names of candidates, their index numbers and subjects for which they have registered has been sent to examination centers countrywide for final confirmation and verification by the candidates.

Schools or examination centers must allow the candidates to confirm the accuracy of their registration details.

It has also been made possible for any interested person to check the registration status of the candidate. There are basically three methods of doing it:

1. Go to the examination center and ask to inspect the register of the candidates

2. Use the SMS system typing the full index number and sending it to 6600.

3. Use the online system. Here is the LINK.

How To Check UNEB (PLE, UCE & UACE) Exam Timetables 2023

School Administrators will be able to download the results from the examination center portals upon official release. No hard copies of the results will be available at the UNEB offices for now, until a later date when conditions permit. When that time comes, UNEB will officially inform the District, Municipal and City Inspectors of Schools to collect the hard copies of the results from UNEB offices.

Candidates, parents and other interested parties may use the Short Message Services (SMS) on mobile telecom networks which will post the results of candidates on their mobile sets instantly.  This will be done by typing PLE <Space> Full Index Number of the candidate, e.g. 003301/368 and send to 6600 on all mobile telecom networks.

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