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UNIVEN Bachelor of Education Further Education and Training Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of Venda (UNIVEN) Bachelor of Education Further Education and Training.

This is a comprehensive four year undergraduate degree. The degree prepares teachers who qualify to teach at both Senior Phases, and Further Education and Training (FET) band.

The degree carries 480 credits.

The BED FET is a four year degree programme on full time basis.

Admission Requirements
In order to be admitted a candidate should meet any of the following requirements:

a) National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a Bachelor and an average of 36%, with a minimum percentage of 50% in English.
b) Old Senior Certificate (Matric) with exemption and an average symbol D (Standard Grade) or E (High Grade) in English.

Composition of the curriculum

Semester 1
EHD 1521 Psychology of Education
IEH 1521 History of Education ECS 1541 English Communication Skills

Semester 2
SFE 1621 Sociology of Education
EPH 1621 Philosophy of Education
ECS 1642 English Communication Skills
SECOND YEAR Semester 1
SOE 2521 Sociology of Education
Prerequisite SFE 1621
PHE 2521 Philosophy of Education
Prerequisite EPH 1621
ETL 2521 Preparation of Teaching Practice-Observation
Semester 2
HDC 2621 History of Education
Prerequisite IEH 1521
ECT 2621 Psychology of Education
Prerequisite EHD 1521
ETL 2621 Preparation of Teaching Practice-Observation

Semester 1
ESP 3521 Sociology of Education
Prerequisite SOE 2521
EHC 3521 History of Education
Prerequisite HDC 2621
ETL 3521 Preparation of Teaching Strategies
Prerequisite ETL 2521
ETL 3511 Preparation of Teaching Practice-Observation
PSC 3521
Semester 2 Computer Literacy
ETE 3621 Psychology of Education
Prerequisite ECT 2621
EMT 3621 Philosophy of Education
Prerequisite PHE 2521
ETL 3621 Preparation of Teaching Practice-Observation
Prerequisite ETL 2621
PSC 3621 computer literacy

Semester 1
ECT 4521 English Competence for Teachers
NB: Students with ENG 2561 and ENG 2661 are exempted from ECT 4521
PSG 4521 School Management
HIV 4521 HIV/AIDS Education for Teachers
ETP 4521 Teaching Practice
Semester 2
All second semester modules are completed through portfolios
ETP 4621 Teaching Practice
CTP 4621 Curriculum Theory and Practice One optional module from:
SPE 4621 Sports Education
MCE 4621 Music Education
DME 4621 Drama in Education
SCL 4621 School Librarianship
RED 4621 Religious Education


Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 1
Semester 2
EHD 1521IEH 1521

ECS 1541

SFE 1621EPH 1621

ECS 1642

SOE 2521PHE 2521

ETL 2521

HDC 2621ECT 2621

ETL 2621

Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 1
Semester 2
ESP 3521EHC 3521

ETL 3521

ETL 3511

PSC 3521


ETE 3621EMT 3621

ETL 3621

PSC 3621


ECT 4521PSG 4521

HIV 4521

ETP 4521


ETP 4621CTP 4621 One optional module from:

SPE 4621

MCE 4621

DME 4621

SCL 4621

RED 4621

However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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