University of Pretoria BEd Foundation Phase Teaching Requirements

The requirements for undertaking the University of Pretoria (UP) BEd Foundation Phase Teaching.

BEd Foundation Phase Teaching

The purpose of the BEd (Foundation Phase Teaching) [Pre-primary to Grade 3] is to produce teachers who are competent to teach in this particular phase.

The future success of South Africa as a country relies on its ability to provide quality education. A career in education is not only challenging and rewarding but also makes a vital contribution to the growth and development of the nation. In order to prepare teachers, educational psychologists, managers and policymakers for this challenge, the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria offers qualifications that are both innovative and relevant.

Students are equipped to face new challenges once they enter the profession. Few careers are as rewarding as education, and there is no better place to prepare yourself for your future career than in the Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria, where you can choose one of several exciting undergraduate programmes for teacher training.

For more information, please consult the Faculty webpage.

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Career Opportunities

Teachers and training officials in pre-primary or primary schools

Programme Code


Closing Dates

  • SA – 15/08/2020
  • Non-SA – 15/08/2020

Admission Requirements

  • The closing date is an administrative admission guideline for non-selection programmes. Once a non-selection programme is full and has reached the institutional targets, then that programme will be closed for further admissions, irrespective of the closing date. However, if the institutional targets have not been met by the closing date, then that programme will remain open for admissions until the institutional targets are met.
  • The following persons will be considered for admission: Candidates who are in possession of a certificate that is deemed by the University to be equivalent to the required National Senior Certificate with university endorsement; candidates who are graduates from another tertiary institution or have been granted the status of a graduate of such an institution; and candidates who are graduates of another faculty at the University of Pretoria.
  • Life Orientation is excluded when calculating the APS.
  • As soon as candidates are admitted to the BEd degree, they will be informed that they must register at the University in January of the following year. It is in the interest of prospective students, in particular those who need financial support and/or placement in a residence, to apply as soon as possible.
  • English will be the only language of teaching and learning (in lectures, tutorials and assessments) for all academic modules in the undergraduate programmes, except in cases where the modules or programmes require a language other than English. Any modules providing professional preparation that requires separate English and Afrikaans classes will be identified and will be explicitly listed as such. Modules for the BEd (Foundation Phase Teaching) that are language context specific, namely English, Afrikaans and indigenous African languages, will continue to be offered in current language contexts due to the University’s recognition of the need for home-language teaching in the foundation environment, as specified in the Policy on Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications (Gazette 38487, 19 Feb 2015). The teaching practice modules will allow English and Afrikaans assessments according to the language of tuition of the schools in which the teaching practice was performed.

Transferring students (Candidates who were previously registered at UP or at another university or tertiary institution)

The Admissions Committee of the Faculty considers applications of candidates who have already completed the final Grade 12 examination and/or were previously registered at UP or at another university, on grounds of their Grade 12 results as well as academic merit. Applications from prospective students who have been excluded from the University of Pretoria or any other Higher Education Institution on the basis of misconduct will not be considered for admission to the University of Pretoria.

Qualifications from countries other than South Africa

  • Citizens from countries other than South Africa and South African citizens with foreign qualifications must comply with all the other admission requirements and the prerequisites for subjects/modules.
  • In addition to meeting the admission requirements, admission is based on the performance in the TOEFL, IELTS or SAT, if required
  • Candidates must have completed the National Senior Certificate with admission to degree studies or a certificate of conditional exemption on the basis of a candidate’s foreign qualifications, the so-called “Immigrant” or “Foreign Conditional Exemption”. The only condition for the “Foreign Conditional Exemption” that is accepted is: ‘completion of the degree course’. The exemption certificate is obtainable from Universities South Africa (USAf). Detailed information is available on the website at click here

University of Pretoria website:         click here

Minimum requirements
Achievement level
English Home Language or English First Additional Language  









Applications may be closed earlier if the institutional targets are met.

Duration of study

4 years, full-time.

Faculty Notes

The Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria continues to develop into one of the largest and most diverse units in South Africa for the initial and advanced training of education professionals from across the world. A distinguishing characteristic of the Faculty is that it not only trains pre-service teachers but also educational psychologists, principals, researchers, programme evaluators, curriculum designers, computer education and training experts, assessment specialists, education policy analysts, community development workers and education law advisors working in national and international agencies and organisations.

Enquiries about the programme

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However, if you meet the requirements and wish to apply to study this course. You can simply check the application processes.

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